Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good food done dirt cheap

The financial crisis has hit home. Time to get creative with the bucks that are left. My recipe's are easy to make, filling, cheap and fast. Let's get cooking!!

Today's dish: Vegetarian rice and peas.

The recipe:

Ingredients (per person):
100 grams green peas
200 grams cooked rice
6 mushrooms
1 onion
Kecap Manis
salt, pepper
two tablespoons of oil, preferably sunflower

How to do it:
I had some leftover rice, but of course you can cook some fresh if you want. Even in a crisis I would choose for a good flavorsome rice like Basmati or Pandang, but maybe that's just me. Rice is cheap, even in this financial crises times. The green peas you just heat, you can use either canned or frozen peas.

Slice the onion, I like half rings, but you can use your own preferences. Fry up the onion in some sunflower oil. In the meantime cut the mushrooms. Use a paper towel to clean them instead of running water over them. That way they are dry when you put them in the frying pan and that gives them that nice brown finish.
Add the mushrooms to the onions and when they're nicely browned, salt and pepper to taste and serve.

The flavor of the Oriƫnt
Flavor the rice with Kecap Manis, a sweet soy sauce that has a sweet refined taste. I add it towards the end of the cooking process, like the last minute or so. If you can't find kecap in your area, you can use some molasses with vegetable stock stirred in.
Personally I think about two tablespoons of the kecap is enough, but as with any kind of flavorings, use it to suit your own taste.

I use kecap a lot in my cooking, it's a nice flavor that goes with anything, the sauce is cheap and it keeps well. I can go a year with a bottle because I only use so much per meal.

When you serve it, it should look something like the picture, bon apetit!